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The Doors

One appealing speciality of Omani architecture is the fondness for elaborately carved wooden doors.  This one from Jaalan Al Hamada has an incongruously modern motif: What happened at eight minutes past eleven?  Answers on a postcard… Al Munisifeh, the old … Continue reading

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Heat and Light

The temperature here has recently been hovering around the mid 40s, and a lot more in the sun.   Once the air’s gone higher than about human body temperature, everything starts to feel rather strange.   Even with air conditioning on, walls … Continue reading

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Just for fun this weekend, I got up at 5:30 am, cycled along a track made of sharp stones, and scrabbled my way up and down a hill.   That’s a good time in Ibra. On my way up, I met … Continue reading

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Old Ibra

I’m finally mobile now that my bike is in working order, so today I went to see Al Munisifeh, the old town of Ibra.   Just outside it is a cemetery which has the pleasing minimalism often found in Islamic … Continue reading

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Man who stares at goats

The goats I mentioned in an earlier post came by again today, and this time I had my camera ready.  First the flock in the distance: One eary fellow (as you can see, they really are very hairy indeed): And … Continue reading

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Tour of Ibra

First weekend after moving into my flat, and I was finally able to get out and see some of the rest of the town.   Many of the hills around here are topped by towers, so I climbed up to … Continue reading

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Home (sort of)

Today I finally left the hotel and moved into my own flat.   Minimal in an ‘unfinished’ rather than a ‘John Pawson’ way.   There are two rooms, each with attached bathroom, either side of a living-room/hallway with tiny adjoining … Continue reading

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