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Oran 2 (22/30): Tracks

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Exam time

Interesting experience of the day: I had an exam this morning. I’ve been taking various courses from Coursera and Edx over the past year or so, which have had differing means of assessment, but this is the first real exam … Continue reading

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Gutenberg Happy Dance

Two causes for celebration for me at Distributed Proofreaders this week.  Firstly, thanks to Black History Month in America, my* first book as post-processor (The Freedmen’s Book by L. Maria Child) had its moment in the sun at Project Gutenberg:Over … Continue reading

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Galaxy Tab and Linux

Mildly techy stuff follows. No pictures of elephants. If your interest in Linux networking rates less than 4/10, I wouldn’t bother. Having killed my second Kindle in the space of a year (I maintain it’s the hot, salty air of … Continue reading

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As an Aberdonian who likes his culture, Project Gutenberg for me is pretty close to heaven.  And since I’ve been kindled up, the old problem of reading books on the computer screen has fallen away.   It’s far from perfect, however: … Continue reading

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