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Corvid Collection

We tend to focus on the big, scary, and generally impressive raptors, but this part of the world also has some splendid corvid species to enjoy. Perhaps the most common here are the rooks. Their bare beaks remind me a … Continue reading

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And then there were two

At the end of February, we welcomed back the first stork of the year. A few days later, and we found: Not just a second stork, but the right second stork. A close-up of the ring revealed that this was … Continue reading

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Birthday Present

Perfect (slightly early) birthday present today: first stork of the year! No ring, so it’s not our female; sentimentally, I’m hoping it’s our male (finding distinguishing features on storks is beyond my powers). Whoever he is, he’s tired and filthy, … Continue reading

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Black and white and full of nuts

All the best animals, of course, are black and white: Bratislavan winters offer another splendid candidate: the magpie. Apart from the very occasional tit, these are the only birds to have noticed that our windowsill produces peanuts each morning; something … Continue reading

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Four Non Birds

Although the birds are the most conspicuous wildlife, I’m just as happy to find members of other classes. Recently I’ve met: a very elegant arachnid, who played dead when I started poking around nearby; a red squirrel looking down on … Continue reading

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Fisher Kings

Learning vocabulary on the riverbank this morning, I was rudely interrupted by: The osprey is Kršiak rybár in Slovak: rybár being a fisher. This one was following the Morava river as part of his journey from some Nordic country down … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast

One river, two countries, and some contrasting wildlife this week. In Slovakia, this little fellow lives by the Danube: Upstream, in Austria’s Donau-Auen national park, we met: In Slovak, wild boar is “diviak”, which seems to mean literally “wild thing”. … Continue reading

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After our superstorks finished their breeding so early, we didn’t know whether they’d start their migration early, or hang around to enjoy the Slovak summer a bit more. Fortunately they chose the latter. They’re much harder to find these days, … Continue reading

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Eyes which have caught mine recently; starting with some Austrian insects: Storks’ naturally high position is extremely suitable for glaring: Oxford geese showed an interesting variety of colours: While one wouldn’t want to upset the Headington kite:

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Beginning of the end

Last weekend we made our usual stork visit, expecting to find that another one or two of the chicks had started flying. It was a bit of a shock to come across this: After a wander round, we were about … Continue reading

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