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Oran 2 (21/30): Fluff

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Oran 10/30: Toy 2

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Oran 9/30: Toy

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Oran 6/30: Domestic scene

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Oran 3/30: Vet

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Black and white and full of nuts

All the best animals, of course, are black and white: Bratislavan winters offer another splendid candidate: the magpie. Apart from the very occasional tit, these are the only birds to have noticed that our windowsill produces peanuts each morning; something … Continue reading

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Greek Cats

Nafplio was cat central. Smudge was almost dirty enough to disappear against a grey wall: Some thought deep thoughts: Others kept a look-out: This youngster at our guesthouse was still rather wary of strangers, even ones bearing strokes: This family … Continue reading

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Cat infestation

They get everywhere….

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Colours of Bratislava

Orange, white and blue kingfishers: Red, blue, yellow and black Bee-eaters: Green frog (and snake): Black kite: Miss Black:

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Bratislava is well into its springtime, which in this case at least means wild mood swings from the weather gods. Recently it’s gone a bit wet and wintry, but still with a few sunny days. The city itself is doing … Continue reading

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