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Oran 27/30: Trombones

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Gutenberging 2017

This year I finally managed to complete and post two long-term projects. The first was Pictographs of the North American Indians — A preliminary paper by the American Bureau of Ethnology, which started on Distributed Proofreaders back in 2004. It’s … Continue reading

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Greek Signs

A visit to Greece provided frequent linguistic reminders of its past:  Other shops’ literary allusions were in more questionable taste: Menus could be intriguing for an Aberdonian: The bus stations all had smart ticket machines, all out of order, and … Continue reading

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A Desk-Book of Errors in English

  My latest Distributed Proofreaders book has just been posted on Project Gutenberg: A Desk-Book of Errors in English, by Frank H. Vizetelly.  I first discovered this book via a little blog post noting the flapdoodlish nature of Vizetelly’s condemnation … Continue reading

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Exam time

Interesting experience of the day: I had an exam this morning. I’ve been taking various courses from Coursera and Edx over the past year or so, which have had differing means of assessment, but this is the first real exam … Continue reading

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