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Flying Cats

Flying with pets can be tricky, depending on the countries you’re flying between, which airline you use, and how you want to transport them. This is how we took our two inmates from Vietnam to Germany. The first step was … Continue reading

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And we’re off!

Floh is already practising…  

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Time for more signs! Although Vietnamese uses a Roman script, their attitude to the letters is rather different from ours.  Handwritten letters are sometimes unusually sized, or levitate above their expected positions, while printed letters are often squashed together so … Continue reading

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Old and New

The very name of the town tells you that Binh Duong New City is a rather forward-looking place.  The roads are North Korean style boulevards which may still be fun to cycle along for several months: And the lake beside … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Vietnam

Vietnam, like Thailand, has an odd attitude* to vegetarian food.  To the extent that people are religious, they’re mostly Buddhist (or around here also followers of Cao Dai, which seems even more pro-veggie).   In our little town, there are three … Continue reading

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Entomological Institute

One advantage of the open design of the university’s buildings is that refreshing breezes pass easily through; another is that assorted insects can easily fly in (with all the glass, it’s slightly more difficult for them to get out). One … Continue reading

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Home again!

Hopefully we’ll be in this one longer than the last one.  It’s less spartan than Oman-home, which makes for more comfort and less extravagant shopping; on the other hand, not all the design choices are quite what we would have … Continue reading

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Mostly harmless

Seen from Thailand, Vietnam was always a little scary.  It was a little further than the immediately neighbouring countries, had a more or less unrelated language (with shotgun accents), and had an alarming effect on people.  Travellers would drift into … Continue reading

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American Killer Hero

For our first excursion in our new country, we decided to get the most obvious out of the way.  Vietnam? War! Vietnam War? Tiny people in black pajamas in tunnels!  And the most popular place to see tiny people in … Continue reading

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