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Snowy Calamity!

Today we had a reminder that completely failing to deal with unexpected events, such as snow falling in the middle of winter, is not a uniquely British phenomenon. The trolleybus network was knocked out, and the buses are apparently incapable … Continue reading

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Petermann Island

Petermann Island was our southernmost point (65°10′S 64°10′W), and the end of the road. When we landed, we were given the option of going to one side of the island to see “Iceberg Alley” — tempting — or to see … Continue reading

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Nearing the End

The last day of our trip was rather nerve-wracking as well as enjoyable: we sailed through the Lemaire Channel towards Petermann Island, but there was a risk that there would be too much ice in the channel for us to … Continue reading

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Reading List 2

I got through 43 books in the second half of 2014, thanks to a lot of tram rides and three weeks on a ship with no Internet. There ended up being quite a range in terms of categories: Factual Everything … Continue reading

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Port Lockroy

After leaving Brown, we spent the evening on our way back west, towards Port Lockroy. We made our acquaintance with a range of ice forms on the way; I’m not sure which is which, but I believe that brash ice, … Continue reading

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