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Vegetarian Vietnam

Vietnam, like Thailand, has an odd attitude* to vegetarian food.  To the extent that people are religious, they’re mostly Buddhist (or around here also followers of Cao Dai, which seems even more pro-veggie).   In our little town, there are three … Continue reading

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Entomological Institute

One advantage of the open design of the university’s buildings is that refreshing breezes pass easily through; another is that assorted insects can easily fly in (with all the glass, it’s slightly more difficult for them to get out). One … Continue reading

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Home again!

Hopefully we’ll be in this one longer than the last one.  It’s less spartan than Oman-home, which makes for more comfort and less extravagant shopping; on the other hand, not all the design choices are quite what we would have … Continue reading

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Mostly harmless

Seen from Thailand, Vietnam was always a little scary.  It was a little further than the immediately neighbouring countries, had a more or less unrelated language (with shotgun accents), and had an alarming effect on people.  Travellers would drift into … Continue reading

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