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The hills The places I visited were on the edge of the Alps: good views, but not too challenging. Bad Gastein is at around 1000m; there was an impressive cloud sea in the valley in the mornings: And alpine lakes … Continue reading

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Sexy Austrian Birds

The area around Neusiedl turned out to be a good spot for birds, especially raptors. Most were a bit far off for pictures, but a few were more cooperative. Best picture was of this swallow, which I haven’t identified any … Continue reading

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Over the last few months, we’ve been watching a group of raptors, possibly kestrels, living among our local tower blocks. Some seem to have left on their migration, but two remain. One with lunch: Looks like a juvenile: The local … Continue reading

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Reading List

This year, I vaguely thought that it would be nice to read a book a week. Fortunately I spend a lot of time on the trams of Bratislava, which have become my reading room, and (including Audible books) I managed … Continue reading

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Today I went on an international journey, walking over the Morava river bridge to Austria. The Slovak side of the border has a playground with outdoor exercise equipment, while the Austrians have this: and this: According to Wikipedia (which may … Continue reading

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Bratislava is well into its springtime, which in this case at least means wild mood swings from the weather gods. Recently it’s gone a bit wet and wintry, but still with a few sunny days. The city itself is doing … Continue reading

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Back in Brat

New year, new home: we’re back in Bratislava for the next while. Our flat has a sofa big enough for the four of us, and comfy enough: We’re in D├║bravka, in the northwest of the city, and near the outskirts. … Continue reading

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Urban(ish) Wildlife

Red predators of the day! The Headington kite, or one of them: And one of three foxes who live at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill:  

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Kew in Autumn

Having an afternoon free before our seminar on Tuesday, we went to Kew for the afternoon, which was gloriously autumnal. Highlights were the minimal Sackler crossing by John Pawson: The bronze uprights shimmer as they reflect the light from the … Continue reading

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Exam time

Interesting experience of the day: I had an exam this morning. I’ve been taking various courses from Coursera and Edx over the past year or so, which have had differing means of assessment, but this is the first real exam … Continue reading

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