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Though not much of a fashionista, I’ve found the clothing here fascinating.   Like most westerners, my impression of Arab dress until now didn’t go far beyond “women are covered up, and men wear flowing white robes”.   More or less true … Continue reading

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Home (sort of)

Today I finally left the hotel and moved into my own flat.   Minimal in an ‘unfinished’ rather than a ‘John Pawson’ way.   There are two rooms, each with attached bathroom, either side of a living-room/hallway with tiny adjoining … Continue reading

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Muscat beach

Thursday, and the beginning of the weekend. It’s a safe bet nothing much will happen workwise over the next couple of days, so I’m free to explore the city. In theory. Unfortunately, Muscat consists essentially of a 50km highway sandwiched … Continue reading

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After a day of doing bugger-all yesterday, I came back to the hotel and was given a message by the receptionist: “You must be ready at 7.00 tomorrow!  Medical or something!  7.00 exactly!” Even after my very brief acquaintanceship with … Continue reading

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