Time for more signs!

Although Vietnamese uses a Roman script, their attitude to the letters is rather different from ours.  Handwritten letters are sometimes unusually sized, or levitate above their expected positions, while printed letters are often squashed together so as to resemble a puzzle where you have to position your head at the correct angle to read the text:

Vietnamese writingOther scripts make occasional appearances: a tropical novim godom to all:

Novim GodomAnd sometimes it’s not quite clear which language is which:

Man napLanguage sorted, some signs are still a little confusing:

SquirrelStreet infoChrist of DalatCoffee pictureSome have interesting contrasts:

ReactorMany have a certain tone:

puppet soldiers

And some show an awareness of the truly vital information:

stonefish info


Most, of course, present firm but fair rules necessary for maintenance of stable societal structures:

Boat rulesAnd my favourite:

even prostitutesNo stinking things or prostitutes? That’s harsh.



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