Home again!

Hopefully we’ll be in this one longer than the last one.  It’s less spartan than Oman-home, which makes for more comfort and less extravagant shopping; on the other hand, not all the design choices are quite what we would have gone for ourselves.

Gold star for this choice though: a built-in wine rack.  We’ve already made a modest start on filling it:

The kitchen is also fine: just about enough space, and lots of cupboards to hide things away in:

The bedcovers are perhaps slightly too vivid:

A bit of the view: 14th floor (yay), lots of green for now (yay), but what isn’t green is construction work (less yay).

Just off the picture is a huge (by poky British standards) widescreen LCD HD TV (OK), though the signals are ordinary non-HD ones, which therefore look even fuzzier than on a normal TV.  There’s BBC news, plus lots of educational Vietnamese game shows.  The silver carpet is an interesting touch:

Piece de resistance is the remote controlled dryer: manipulating the remote sends it up and down, and turns on and off the fan and built-in lights.  Ladies and gents, a symbol of the modern world for your contemplation:

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  1. flora alexander says:

    Certainly looks more comfortable and convenient than the previous abode.

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