Fortuna Bay

At South Georgia, the ship started to receive visits from Snowy Sheathbills:

snowyshipThe red stains are blood, and the green is penguin poo, which gives you an idea of their diet:


Fascinating fact #1: the sheathbill is the only Antarctic bird without webbed feet.

Fascinating fact #2: when constricted, a King Penguin’s pupil is square:


Many of the kings here were cooling down by bathing their feet in the streams which run off the glacier:


kingglare But the chicks, in their non-waterproof feathers, looked rather bedraggled in the cold and wet:


Elephant Seals showed their range of facial expressions:

eleexpressions1 eleexpressions2

While the Fur Seals were in fighting form, both females:


and males:


Meanwhile, the little monsters bide their time: furcubnap  furcute2      furcute

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  1. Flora Alexander says:

    I’m intrigued to see that seals don’t all look the same.

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