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Oran Festival of Ravens 2020

We’ve regularly seen groups of two or three ravens on our cliffy patch, but over the last couple of weeks they’ve been flocking in a larger group of nine or ten. They’re not obviously feeding, but just seem to be … Continue reading

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Falcons of Oran

Despite the pollution, our cliffside area of Oran is pretty well populated with falcons. Our ID skills are a a little shaky, but there are at least three species. Easily the most common and familiar is the kestrel; its tendency … Continue reading

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Nice arse!

Wheatears are a group of birds which I never noticed until we started spending time around the Middle East/Mediterranean. The most important thing to know about them is, of course, that “wheatear” is in fact a corruption of the original … Continue reading

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Reading List 13

A productive 55 books read in these six months, thanks to plague and unemployment! Short stories Real Time World +2 — Christopher PriestPublic Library — Ali SmithQissat: Short Stories by Palestinian Women — Jo Glanville (ed.)Beacons — Gregory Norminton (ed.)The … Continue reading

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Bluer Rock Thrush

A little while ago we were visited by a blue rock thrush, which was unfortunately female and so not blue. Now not one, but two males have turned up, and look rather more impressive. Still technically not thrushes, though.

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More Beggars

Chapter two: the bulbuls.

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Little Beggars

The warm weather’s really got started here, just in time for the first round of sparrow fledglings. The youngsters still know only one way to get food: Fortunately there’s a regular supply of dates on our balcony, so Dad can … Continue reading

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Oran 2 (30/30): Locusts

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Oran 2 (29/30): Mercury

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Oran 2 (28/30): Tongue

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