Carcass Island

Our second stop in the Falklands was Carcass Island, near West Point Island in the north-west of the archipelago. It has a somewhat bizarre landscape which includes palm trees:


And penguins among the heather and gorse:


The special feature of Carcass is that it has no rats, which makes it an attractive place for birds like the Grass Wren:


Also on view were the Black-chinned Siskin:


And the rather dull but friendly Blackish Cinclodes, which hopped onto my boot: blackish_cinclodes

Striated caracaras were nesting:


And posing. This one has a Scottish tourist in its eye: caracaraandme


The Gentoo penguins tend to nest up hills, so spend a lot of time running up and down:


The Magellanic penguins prefer the beach: flockofmagellanic

Leopard beach is home to many geese as well as penguins of both species: geesepenguins

One can play in the water:

porpoising  porpoising3

Sashay onshore: gentoosdiswatering

And use one’s tongue for a thorough grooming: gentootongue

All in all, a great place to be: ecstaticgentoo

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