Buenos Aires

We started and finished our trip in Buenos Aires, which was a fine repository of amusing signs. Starting with the most puerile:




dontfeedThis last was in a pleasant surprise: a nature reserve right next to the city centre, but which was inhabited by a range of (to our eyes) pleasantly exotic wildlife. A southern crested caracara:


And what seems to be a chalk-browed mockingbird: chalkbrowedmockingbirdThe most interesting area of the city itself ran from the centre to the San Telmo district, where there where attractively dilapidated buildings:

windmill telmotrees telmocatTouristy sites included El Ateneo, a theatre which has been converted into a bookshop (complete with cafe on stage and reading rooms in the boxes):


There were some intriguing exhibits in the Museum of Latin-American Art: bench

And the most famous spot is probably the Recoleta Cemetery. There were still some surprising names:


Surprising architecture: pyramid

And surprising residents — this one a boxer: boxer


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