May Days

The Morava today produced a bumper crop of birds of prey: some of the fields were being mown, and an impressive variety of predators spotted their chance. The imperial eagle stayed frustratingly high:

imperialeaglewhile the red kites and kestrels were much more cooperative:

redkite2kestrelA flock of storks also enjoyed the feast, following the tractor and picking off some goodies.

Our pair have not been dining on the most glamorous of meals:


but the chicks are growing fast: compare the beak length with a few days earlier:

storkshortbeakThe parents feed and guard in quite rapid rotation, changing over at least every hour or so:

storkreturnAnd this never gets old:


The herons are increasingly in evidence:

heronAnd the little guys also deserve some attention. A song thrush doing exactly what it should:


A piece of abstract art:        yellowhammerabstractwhich gradually unfolds into a yellowhammer:

yellowhammerscratch yellowhammersongAnd as for him:  duckling


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  1. Flora Alexander says:

    Wonderful thrush, and amazing yellow hammer!

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