Poems are identified by author and title:

Bai Juyi: Sleeping on a Night of Autumn Rain
Du Fu: Autumn Meditations (8)
Du Fu: Climbing High
Du Fu: Facing Snow
Du Fu: Four Rhymes to See Off Duke Yan Again at Fengji Station
Du Fu: In Abbot Zan's Room at Dayun Temple: Four Poems (1)
Du Fu: Many People Come to Visit and Bring Wine After I Fell Off My Horse, Drunk
Du Fu: Song of My Cottage Unroofed By Autumn Gales
Du Fu: Nocturnal Reflections While Travelling
Du Fu: Parting from Abbot Zan
Du Fu: Qiang Village (2)
Du Fu: Spring View
Du Fu: Sunset
Du Fu: Viewing the Plain
Du Fu: Written for Scholar Wei
Du Fu: Winding River (1)
Du Fu: Winding River (2)
Du Mu: Entering Shangshan
Han Dynasty Yuefu: Song
Li Yu: The East Wind Blows Over the Water
Li Yu: The Wind Returns; My Little Courtyard is Green and Overgrown
Ouyang Xiu: All My Life, I Have Loved It
Su Shi: Dreaming of My Deceased Wife on the Night of the 20th Day of the First Month
Su Shi: Impromptu Verse
Su Shi: Impromptu Verse (II)
Su Shi: New Year's Watch
Wang Wei: Replying to Subprefect Zhang