The Wind Returns; My Little Courtyard is Green and Overgrown (The Beautiful Lady Yu)
Li Yu

Wind return little courtyard overgrown green
Willow see spring appear extend
Lean on railing half day alone no word
As before bamboo sound new moon like those days
Playing and singing not disperse wine cups outside at
Pool face ice begin melt
Candle bright fragrance dim painted hall deep
Complete temples complete frosty remnant snow think hard allow
The wind returns; my little courtyard is green and overgrown,
The willows seem to have grown again this spring.
I lean for a long time on the railings; alone, without a word,
The sound of bamboo and the new moon are just like in days gone by.
The playing and singing have not yet ceased; the wine cups remain,
The ice on top of the pool begins to melt.
Bright candles and a faint fragrance are deep in the painted hall,
It's hard to think I must allow my temples all to turn white.

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