The East Wind Blows Over the Water (The Lover's Return)
Li Yu

East wind blow water sun hold hill
Spring come great be idleness
Fall flower scattered wine rail pendants tinkling
Playing and singing drunk dream inside
Pendant sound quiet evening dress lack
For whom organise jadeite hair
Accept successive brightness cherish red complexion
Dusk alone lean on railings
The east wind blows over the water, the sun sits by the hill,
Though spring has come, the idleness persists.
Fallen blossom is scattered amid wine and tinkling pendants by the rail,
She listens to playing and singing in a drunken daze.
The pendants are now silent, her evening wear undone,
For what man's sake is she to dress her hair?
Her fair appearance too will pass as time slips by,
At dusk, she leans alone upon the railing.

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