Han Yuefu

Green green field in sunflowers
Morning dew wait sun dry
Warm spring give favour
Ten thousand things produce radiance
Often fear autumn season come
Withered and yellow flowers and leaves wane
Hundred rivers east to sea
When again west return
Young and vigorous not hardworking
Old age vain sorrow
Sunflowers in the field are purest green,
The morning dew waits for the sun to dry it.
The warm spring spreads around its favours,
Ten thousand things are growing in the radiance.
I often fear that autumn's season will come,
Flowers and leaves will yellow and wither and wane.
The hundred rivers flow east towards the sea,
When will they come back to the west again?
If the young and vigorous do not work hard,
In old age, they will be sorry in vain.

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