Poems are identified by author and title:

Bai Juyi: A Visit to Qiantang Lake in Spring
Bai Juyi: On the Lake (1)
Bai Juyi: On the Lake (2)
Bai Juyi: Peach Blossom at Dalin Temple
Bai Juyi: Regret for Peony Flowers
Bai Juyi: Remembering South of the River
Bai Juyi: Song of Sunset on the River
Cao Cao: Walking from Xiamen and Looking at the Blue Sea
Cui Hao: Yellow Crane Tower
Du Fu: A Guest Arrives
Du Fu: Clearing Rain
Du Fu: Climbing High
Du Fu: Jueju (Enjoying Flowers Walking Alone on a Riverbank, No. 5 of 7)
Du Fu: Jueju (Enjoying Flowers Walking Alone on a Riverbank, No. 6 of 7)
Du Fu: Jueju Free Mood, No. 3 of 9 (I Know Well That My Thatched Hut)
Du Fu: Jueju Free Mood, No. 7 of 9 (The Path is Paved With Poplar Blossom)
Du Fu: Jueju, No. 1 of 2 (In Late Sun, the River and Hills are Beautiful)
Du Fu: Jueju, No. 2 of 2 (The River's Blue, The Bird a Perfect White)
Du Fu: Jueju, No. 3 of 4 (Two Golden Orioles Sing in the Green Willows)
Du Fu: Overflowing
Du Fu: Sunset
Du Fu: The Solitary Goose
Du Fu: Travelling Again
Du Fu: Welcome Rain on a Spring Night
Du Fu: Winding River (1)
Du Fu: Winding River (2)
Du Mu: Entering Shangshan
Du Mu: Mountain Travel
Gao Qi: Looking for Hermit Hu
Han Dynasty Yuefu: South of the River
Han Yu: Late Spring
Han Yu: Light Rain Early in Spring
Han Yu: Snow in Spring
Li Bai: Question and Answer on the Mountain
Li Bai: Sitting Alone on Jingting Shan Hill
Li Bai: Staying the Night at a Mountain Temple
Li Bai: Viewing Heaven's Gate Mountains
Li Bai: Visiting the Taoist Priest Dai Tianshan But Not Finding Him
Li Qiao: Wind
Li Yu: My Idle Dreams Roam Far
Liu Zongyuan: Travelling on the Southern Valley Path to a Deserted Village on an Autumn Morning
Luo Binwang: Ode to the Goose
Meng Haoran: Spending the Night on Jiande River
Meng Haoran: Spring Dawn
Meng Haoran: Thinking of Xin in South Pavilion on a Summer's Day
Meng Haoran: To Buddhist Priest Yuan From Chang'an
Meng Haoran: To My Old Friend in Yangzhou From a Boat Moored at Night on the Tonglu River
Meng Haoran: To Zhang, Climbing Orchid Mountain on an Autumn Day
Meng Haoran: Waiting for Ding
Ouyang Xiu: A Light Boat With Short Oars
Ouyang Xiu: Deep in Spring, the Rain's Passed
Ouyang Xiu: A Painted Boat Carrying Wine
Ouyang Xiu: After the Fresh Blossoms Have Gone
Ouyang Xiu: Who Can Explain Why We Love It
Ouyang Xiu: On the Pure Brightness Festival
Ouyang Xiu: After the Lotus Flowers Have Opened
Ouyang Xiu: Heaven's Aspect, the Water's Colour
Ouyang Xiu: Scraps of Cloud in Rosy Dusk
Ouyang Xiu: All My Life, I Have Loved It
Southern Dynasties Yuefu: Midnight Song of the Seasons: Spring Song
Su Shi: Visiting the Temple of Auspicious Fortune Alone on Winter Solstice
Su Shi: Written While Drunk in Lake-View Pavilion on the 27th Day of the Sixth Month
Tao Qian: Returning to Live in the South
Tao Qian: Returning to Live in the South
Wang Wei: A Study
Wang Wei: Birds Calling in the Ravine
Wang Wei: Deer Enclosure
Wang Wei: Huazi Ridge
Wang Wei: Jinzhu Ridge
Wang Wei: Lily Magnolia Enclosure
Wang Wei: Replying to Subprefect Zhang
Wang Wei: Returning to Songshan Mountain
Wang Wei: South Hill
Wang Wei: Stopping at Incense Storing Temple
Wang Wei: Temple Tree Path
Wang Wei: The Cornel Grove
Wen Tingjun: Travelling Early to Shangshan
Yue Fu: After Rain
Yue Fu: Sun and Rain