Li Bai Index

Li Bai (also known as Li Bo or Li Taibai), of the High Tang period, ranks alongside Du Fu as one of the two leading figures of Chinese poetry. He was a Byronic figure, whose life as well as his verse embodied the Romantic cliches of freedom, spontaneity and defiance of convention.
Each poem indexed below appears in characters, pinyin, gloss and English translation; alternatively, the English translations are collected on one page here.

Amusing Myself
Ancient Air (39)
Autumn Air
Changgan Memories
Crows Calling at Night
For Wang Lun
Hearing a Flute on a Spring Night in Luoyang
Laolao Ting Pavilion
Long Yearning
Marble Steps Complaint
Midnight Song of Wu
Question and Answer on the Mountain
Seeing Off a Friend
Seeing Off Meng Haoran for Guangling at Yellow Crane Tower
Sent to Du Fu below Shaqiu City
Sitting Alone on Jingting Shan Hill
Staying the Night at a Mountain Temple
Thoughts on a Still Night
Viewing Heaven's Gate Mountains
Visiting the Taoist Priest Dai Tianshan But Not Finding Him

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