Poems are identified by author and title:

Bai Juyi: Grass
Du Fu: Four Rhymes to See Off Duke Yan Again at Fengji Station
Du Fu: In Abbot Zan's Room at Dayun Temple: Four Poems (4)
Du Fu: Parting from Abbot Zan
Du Mu: On Parting
Li Bai: For Wang Lun
Li Bai: Laolao Ting Pavilion
Li Bai: Seeing off a Friend
Li Bai: Seeing off Meng Haoran for Guangling at Yellow Crane Tower
Li Yu: I Climb the Western Tower in Silence
Meng Haoran: Parting From Wang Wei
Meng Haoran: Seeing off Du Shisi South of the River
Wang Wei: Farewell
Wang Wei: Farewell (II)