Staying Overnight with Xie Shihou in the Xu Family Library and Being Bothered By Hearing Rats
Mei Yaochen

Lamp blue person already asleep
Hungry rat little out hole
Stir upset plate cup make noise
Startle din dream stop
Only worry table inkstone hit
Again fear shelf book gnaw
Silly boy effect cat call
This plan really already stupid
The lamp is blue, the men are all asleep,
Hungry rats start to emerge from a hole.
The noise of tumbling cups and plates is loud,
Iím startled by the noise: my dream is ended.
I worry theyíll knock the inkstone from the table,
Iím frightened that theyíll gnaw the books on the shelf.
My silly boy tries to miaow like a cat:
Thatís a really daft idea.
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