Her Promises to Come Were Empty Words
Li Shangyin

Come be empty word go without trace
Moon slant tower on fifth watch bell
Dream be far part call hard call
Write reason hurry achieve ink not thick
Candle shine half cover gold emerald
Musk vapour tiny degree embroider lotus
Liu young already regret Peng shan far
More separate Peng shan ten thousand times
Her promises to come were empty words, she's gone without a trace,
The moon is slanting on the tower as I hear the fifth watch bell.
In my dream we were far apart, I found it hard to call,
Hurriedly I try to write, but find the ink too thin.
The candle's radiance covers half the gold and emerald bed,
A tiny hint of musky scent remains on embroidered lotus.
Young Liu already regretted that Pengshan hill lay far away,
We two are separated by ten thousand Pengshan hills.

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